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„fragments of separated rooms“ / 2012 / Portugal

"……for one week, each day, Raman Zaya walked down the hill from the Convento de Saudação into the center of Montemor-o-Novo, to Teatro Curvo Semedo carrying a poster in his hands with an unexpected, disconcerting and provocative question - in Portuguese and in English - that he asked the people he met on the way down.
One of this questions wa "Could we export Fátima (the cult of Fatima) to save the crisis?".
And just like that, the value of life and beliefs are disturbed in an unbalanced relation with the overpowering of economy that rules life nowadays. So many questions Raman has been wondering about through his work. He would say, the recurrent theme is the dilemma of humanity. Big theme, he would add. But then, if we think about it, he has all his life to deal with it. And that is what he has been doing through his work. He is "cutting it into pieces and slices and focusing on one aspect in one piece and another aspect in another" as he said one day, while walking fron Convent to the Theater holding a placard with a question.
In a very fragmented and non-conventional way he is always telling a story. And inside the stories he tells there are other stories.
Like his proposal for other artists in TRY ANGLE to take their project to the frame and set up of his own project, that he called "Fragments of Separated Rooms".
It is again and always the question of the difficulty of communication, dealing with boundaries, benefits, territories, differences, wars… But he also asks: "Are we getting closer?"

Claudia Gallhós