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+ Guest Lecturer at the University of Osnabrück, Time-based Art, Studio Instruction Performance
++ Artistic Co-Director for "Society for Happiness-inducing Matters"
Performative interventions with stands at farmers' markets / #01, 20.10.2024 Eberswalde
+"Beautiful Resistance! New Art Protest Strategies," Research Grant from the Performing Arts Fund. Publication of the graphical part of the research titled "Mantis" in tanz.dance
+"DIALOGUE WELCOME," a photo story as part of the 2021 season "CHIMERAS & RIOT" at Canal Theater / Cooperation
++ Text, video performance, and video for "Rosa Leaves – roza farar mikonad," Schaubude Berlin, funded by the Capital Cultural Fund / Cooperation
+++ "Basic Performance Teaching" Guest Lecturer at the University of Osnabrück++++ "Clash of Language-Bodies," TAKECARE INDIVIDUAL ARTIST / Performing Arts Fund. Text implementation titled: "BorderBody 2023"
+Image montages and projection concept for "queer papa queer," puppet performance, Schaubude Berlin / Cooperation
+"Dreaming in German Without Subtitles," about home in the new homeland / Lecture Performance, Amadeu Antonio Civic Education CenterNominated and winner of one of the second-place prizes at the Amadeu Antonio Literary Performance Award for "Dreaming in German Without Subtitles"
+"restricted sceneries #02," dance performance installation, in cooperation with Edith Kollath
++ "Table of Contents" as part of the international exhibition: "Death is Your Body," Frankfurt Art Association 4 X Lecture-Performances:"1 Person ~70% H2O in LN2 (-195.8°C) / ORGANIC SERVICE""1 Person ≙ 2% TOC => 0.2 - 1.00 Kt. from € 3,900 / DIAMOND SERVICE""do-it-yourself kit, coming soon!"
+ viennafair, The New Contemporary, represented by COLLECTIVA Gallery / Berlin"wanderlust," Collages / Paper, Film Sheets, Photos (Series)